When you have lost your keys in the middle of the night, you want to find a 24 hour Locksmith in NY. At 6 am you do not want to have to wait until 8 am to get your car started and make you late for work, you require to get into your car and get on your way as soon as possible. At Brooklyn Security and Locksmith NY we understand this. Whether it is your car keys or the building keys so that you and your employees can start your business day, you need them replaced as soon as possible.

For your business applications, you need quick access and yet the building needs the proper security, be it a store or an office building, it needs security and we can give you the peace of mind, knowing that the site is secure. Our trained and qualified Locksmiths are all bonded and very knowledgeable to make sure that they can get you into your building without damage to the facilities and when they are done, your building can be secured again at the end of the day.

If your home keys are lost we are able to come to your residence, day or night, and help you to enter it without damage to your doors or windows. If the keys were lost, we can also replace all the locks, this means that if the keys were not lost, but stolen, whoever has them will find them useless and your home and family will be safe.

We can replace all types of locks from Cylinder Locks, Deadbolts, Mortise Locks or Electronic Deadbolts and if the door needs to be replaced, we also have a full line of doors for both exterior and interior entrances. If it is your car keys that need to be replaced, at 2 am then you need a 24 hour Locksmith to be able to come to your vehicle, and not just open the door, but also replace your keys, even the chip encoded keys that many cars use now. We are able to come to your location and make a new key for you, no more waiting for a couple weeks to get a replacement from the manufacturer. For your 24 hours Locksmith NY needs, call Brooklyn Security and Locksmith NY.

A locksmith NY that is certified will have more options in the future, receive big income checks and create a career that is long lasting and enjoyable for years to come.

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