Persian rugs and carpets for your kids
When you live on your own in a small room, almost any floor covering will do. However, if you have a spouse and kids, you surely want your floor covering to be of the best quality, and not only because well-made floor covering will help you to make your home a cozier place. As long as you have children, or even babies, you know how much they love to run around your home, stumbling over different things, crawling on the floor. You surely don’t want them to slide or fall. But even when they fall, you want to see them alive and kicking. This is why you need the best floor covering in your home. And given that Persian rugs and custom carpet are always perfectly crafted, you may want to buy such carpet for your home.

Hard wood has always been a more preferable material for flooring than hard concrete. But even if you can’t do anything about your floors, if it is too expensive for you to make an overhaul, you still can protect your kids from falling on hard concrete. A fine Oriental rug will be more than enough to make your floors safer, but keep in mind that if you want to ensure the security of your kids, you also need to purchase special kids rug padding.

As far as it can be quite expensive to purchase Persian rugs or carpets for all the rooms in your home, you can alternatively buy a carpet or two for your children room, nursery room, and bathroom. If your child likes to sneak into your room, you can buy an additional area rug for your bedroom, too. Oriental rugs make the falling not as painful as it is when you have hard concrete floors. They also protect your kids from slipping and sliding. Shag rugs are even a better option in this regard, however, such carpets require special care and handling.

Note that polyester rugs and carpets may seem much more beautiful and colorful, because they are offered in such a great variety of colors, patterns, prints, and designs. At the same time, polyester rugs can hardly be compared to Persian rugs. The quality of polyester rugs is much lower. They can be made of hazardous materials, while Persian rugs and carpets are always made of natural wool. And as for durability, Oriental carpets and rugs can serve you twice as long as any polyester or acryl carpet.

Where do you put The Antique Rug in Your House?
If you are looking for antique rugs for your house to decorate it, there is a huge variety of rugs to choose from at Farugs. We have rugs of a variety of shapes and sizes and different types as well. But you need to decide which rooms you are going to use the rugs for. One of the common choices is of course the hall. That is where you spend a lot of your time and most of your guests spend a lot of time there as well. So, you can put your showpiece antique rug in the hall.

You can also put one in the bedroom and dining room as well but you need to be careful when you put it in the dining room as you need to see whether there is a good match between the rugs in the living and dining rooms so that they appear as seamless as possible.

So, before you go to purchase antique rugs, plan on what you need it for and then choose the appropriate ones that you need. We at Farugs would help also be glad to help out with our advice on some difficult choices.

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